Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


B.J.C. said:

My first Workers’ Compensation injury, Mr. Roe helped the attorney who presented me with my case and was very involved and had more knowledge and contact with me then actual attorney. When I injured myself 2 other times I did not hesitate to hire Mr. Roe. I would highly recommend Mr. Roe being that he is very knowledgeable and very proactive with his client’s.

P.O. said:

Mr. Roe had my Workers’ Compensation claim for 2 years and never made me feel rushed in settling my case. He was very patient and always answered my questions personally. I never had to wait days in order for him to return my calls. He was very involved in all aspects of my case, would follow up with me frequently to make sure I was receiving my treatment and medications. I have referred family and friends to Mr. Roe and will always continue to do so.

E.N. said:

When I injured myself at work I ended up in the hospital and was in a coma for 2 months. My family contacted Mr. Roe and he personally went to the hospital to meet with me. Mr. Roe never pressured them in signing and answered all their questions and gave my family time to think it through. I am grateful my family made the decision to hire him. Throughout my case he always made sure I was receiving the best medical treatment I needed. If medications weren’t authorize he would get them authorize within that same day. I have referred family to him and they have all been very pleased with his services.

B.L. said:

Attorney James Roe helped my family with father’s case. After having 3 prior attorneys on my father’s case I was referred to Mr. Roe. He was able to get all necessary documents within months of having the file and that was something the other attorneys had struggled with. My father had passed away and he was still able to help us out. He never made us feel forgotten and would always respond by mail if he was unable to get a hold of us by phone. I wish my family had been referred to Mr. Roe when we first opened the claim. We are all very pleased with the outcome of the case and would refer my family and friends if they ever need to hire a Worker’s Compensation attorney.

M.V. said:

Before hiring Mr. Roe as my attorney I was already represented by other attorney. I would go to my doctor’s appointments and would hear other patients talk in the waiting area about their attorney, Mr. Roe, and how happy they were with the service. I asked for Mr. Roe’s information and set up a free consultation. My husband was able to be present at my consult and was able to ask questions to get a better understanding of the whole process. I was impressed with the knowledge he had and I did not hesitate in hiring him as my attorney. I would call his office and would speak with his staff and they were able to answer all my questions and even though my questions were answered Mr. Roe would follow up with a call to make sure I didn’t have any other questions or doubts. I highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

V.L. said:

When I was injured at work I had a difficult time finding the right attorney who would be able to take my Workers’ Compensation and my Personal Injury Claim. I was referred to Mr. Roe by a friend who had hired him for a personal injury claim. I scheduled a free consultation and Mr. Roe was very detailed in explaining the whole process with both claims. Choosing him as my attorney was the best decision I could have made and I feel I could have not gotten better results from anyone else. He always kept me updated with both of my cases. If I ever find myself needing an attorney I would definitely hire Mr. Roe and will refer him to anyone who needs a personal injury or workers’ compensation attorney.